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Replacement Iphone screen quality

Replacement Iphone screen quality

During the life of a smartphone, a large percentage of people will smash their screens. When it comes to a replacement screen, most consumers shop around for a replacement cost. This can vary by up to £100 in some instances.

Why? Different companies use different grades of screen, ranging from an A to AAA. Here at PBS Telecom, we only use AAA screens in all our repairs. The difference between screens can be image quality, length of guarantee, copied parts, thickness of frame, or a blue tint to the lens. This could result in the screen having to be changed within a few months of replacement.

The old saying “buy cheap – buy twice” is often the case. Bad workmanship in fitting a screen can also result in having it replaced twice. We have often seen wrong screws in wrong holes, now called “Long Screw damage” check it out on the internet.

There are many good companies offering a good service. Stick to one of these and you wont go far wrong.

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